Home daycare shut down in Del City

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DEL CITY, Okla. -- KFOR was there as the last of the children were picked up Tuesday afternoon from a house on Meadowview Drive in Del City--a house where investigators say the homeowner, Carmen Donnell and her husband operated an illegal day care. Donnell's husband is a Oklahoma County Sheriff's deputy.

 "More than 20 were packed into a little tiny room with a television in it, but there wasn't even enough room for the kids to move around," said Tom Leatherbee, the Director of Community Services for Del City of the kids he says he found in the home as he took part in the raid.

He says he found roughly 27 children in a small bedroom about 8 by 10 feet.

"There wasn't any food or drink, some of the kids didn't have shoes on, pants on, there were dirty diapers. I saw this," said Leatherbee.

On Tuesday afternoon, city officials shut down the daycare, wrote several citations, and condemned the house.

"I'm not going to say it was a squalid situation, but it was no condition I would allow my child to be in. I mean, kids should not be packed into a room where there was no room for them to move their elbows because there was another kid right next to them," said Leatherbee.

News of the raid echoed throughout the quiet street and stunned the neighbors spoke to KFOR.

"I've never even noticed the traffic. I don't know how they get those kids in and out, since I've never even noticed a bunch of traffic. I don't know how they get those kids in and out and nobody notices the traffic, even," said neighbor Roy Stapleton.

A man at the home declined to speak with KFOR about the raid, but denied any wrongdoing.

For now, the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made.

KFOR also spoke with several parents of kid who attended the daycare.

Those parents said Carmen Donnell and her husband are kind folks who have the kids best interests at heart. Many of the parents expressed sadness and disbelief about the allegations.

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