School takes on energy company

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EL RENO, Okla. -- Parents and administrators are voicing concerns over what they fear is a potential safety risk for children.

What they fear are high voltage power lines that will soon be installed near Darlington School in El Reno.

School officials said they've been in talks with the energy company responsible for putting in the lines but fear nothing will stop them from putting those lines just feet from the school.

The place is practically in the middle of nowhere with plenty of land to spare but school officials said the energy company will not budge on their decision.

"You can see from the rest of the school, from the layout, anywhere else that we move, it's going to be a huge inconvenience and a safety concern for us," Darlington Schools Superintendent Jimmy Smith said.

Apex Canadian Hills Wind said in a statement that their line's route poses no risk to students or staff at the school.

The spokesperson also said the siting of the project went through a public vetting process and no concerns were raised over the proximity of the power lines.

The power company continued by stating it takes all concerns of the community seriously and they will continue to work with the school to alleviate any concern.

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