Bank says hospitalized man responsible for stolen card charges

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro woman is upset with a local bank. She said her 81-year-old father's debit card was stolen while he was in the hospital and now they are holding her responsible.

Someone has been using the card despite her efforts to deactivate it.

Now, the bank is holding her responsible for the overdrafts. 

Marie Walker's father's house was broken into back in April, his debit card stolen.

She said, "We had found out his account was overdrawn even though he was in the hospital."

Lonnie Walker was in ICU at the time.

Since then his daughter has seen numerous charges to his account.

She said she's asked the bank several times to deactivate his card and they say they will but charges keep appearing.

Now she said the bank is holding her responsible for the charges on her dad's account. 

Marie said, "The manager claimed he and his girlfriend came down there and reactivated the card and were using it."

However, Marie said her father doesn't have a girlfriend.

Mr. Walker is now in a nursing home but did get out once to go to the bank with Marie where he asked for the card to be deactivated.

He told the bank he had been in the hospital when the charges occurred.

Marie said, "She accused him of getting out of the hospital and using the card himself."

Marie's not only had to deal with the bank about this.

She's also now dealing with her father's car being repossessed.

Marie said, "The utilities have been cut off, his car repossessed, because he hasn't been able to make the payments because whomever got the card took all that money."

Marie is working to dispute the charges in hopes of clearing her dad's name.

She said, "I'd like to see him get his money back."

We did try to contact Mr. Walker's bank but have not heard back regarding this situation.

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