Controversial multi-million dollar project runs out of money

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A controversial multi-million dollar project in Oklahoma City has run out of money, the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

The development stalled because the state legislature refused to approve $40 million more in construction money. 

The state has already spent more than $63 million on the project.

They are already practicing the tour speech at the cultural center and museum but it's just to reporters right now. 

Even though the majority of lawmakers are not on board with the funding, Gov. Mary Fallin is, according to the executive director of the center, Blake Wade.

Supporters of the center say it would attract nationwide and international tourists to Oklahoma and mean an economic boom to the city and state. 

Also, with the election season ending this November, they believe it will be easier for lawmakers to approve the new money to match the $40 million they have from private donors, tribes and the city.

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