Family says girl battling MRSA from Oklahoma lake

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma girl is fighting a life threatening battle.

Her parents say she became ill after swimming in an Oklahoma Lake.

Friday is Aubreanna Nunez's birthday, and she'll spend it in the hospital.

Her family says she got MRSA from swimming in Sportsman Lake over Father's Day weekend.

"She knows tomorrow's her birthday," Nunez's mother Michaela Fish said. "She's excited."

But Nunez's sweet little smile is overcome with pain as the soon four-year-old fights for life at Children's Medical Center. She's been in the hospital for a week. Her little body, with the help of strong antibiotics, is battling MRSA.

"She has MRSA, and they said it's from the lake we went swimming in on Father's Day," Fish said.

Within two days the symptoms started.

 "Tuesday is the day she started limping on her leg and complaining that her leg was hurting. She couldn't really walk on it," Fish said. "She just laid down and had fever."

Nunez stopped eating and her body began shutting down. By Thursday her mother rushed her to the emergency room.

"She was unresponsive. She wouldn't even talk to us. Her face and everything was really puffy," Fish said.

The infection was rampant in her leg. She immediately went into surgery. Then round two.

"They said the infection was coming back because they found bacteria in her blood again," she said. "So they went back and cleaned it out."

The family says they will never slip a toe into the waters of a lake again and want others to know just how dangerous lake water can be this time of year.

"I just hope nobody else goes swimming there. I don't want anyone to get sick and go through what I went through," Fish said.

Nunez's family says she most likely contracted this from swallowing water or through a small cut or sore. She could be in the hospital for another month depending on how quickly antibiotics are able to fight off the infection.

As for other folks swimming in that same lake, there's been no official confirmation that's where the little girl contracted the illness. So there's been no ban on swimming.

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