Heat overtakes toddler

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A three-year-old Oklahoma City girl becomes a frightening example of just how dangerous the heat wave is.

Lilly Kepel, 3, fell down at a park during her sister's 6th birthday party at a park.

"We didn't understand what happened," Kepel said. "She just fell over. We went to pick her up, and she was unresponsive for a good 20 or 30 seconds."

Not from a sugar rush of cake and ice cream or too much birthday excitement - the heat is what got to her and knocked the little girl out.

Lilly didn't want to play in the water with the rest of the kids and opted for the playground instead.

"Little Miss Lilly here decided she didn't want to get wet," her dad said. "She wanted to go play on the jungle gym. Well, she wasn't over there playing for maybe ten minutes, and she got really faint and passed out just right there on the spot."

EMSA officials say there are a few signs to look for when dealing with heat exhaustion in children.

"They may start to act a little bit different.," Craig Bartley said. "They may not act like their cheerful self. They make act lethargic and like they're not feeling very well."

And while the Seven Day Planner may top out at 105, objects outside including the ground get much hotter.

"A hundred thirty degrees on the asphalt," Bartley said.

"It scared us all quite a bit," Kepel said. "It's something I don't want anyone else to go through."

Lilly did not have to be hospitalized and has fully recovered.

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