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In Your Corner: Cross country journey raises eyebrows

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OKLAHOMA CITY - For days now we've been getting quite a few calls about an unusual site in Oklahoma right now.

It's causing some Oklahoma drivers to do a double take and apparently some animals lovers are concerned about what they're seeing.

This was a first for the In Your Corner team.

We stumbled across Lee the Horselogger, a man crisscrossing his way across the country at snail speed in a horse-drawn covered wagon.

“It's a floor and a half. There's a driving deck up front,” he said. “Storage down below. I have a mattress up top.”

A feed wagon and work hitch in back.

Lee said, “You always receive odd looks.”

Katy Jones spotted Lee the Horselogger and his unusual entourage camped out in a field near a busy north side intersection.  

She says she contacted authorities because she thought Lee was begging for feed and neglecting his horses.

“You don't have animals if you can't care for them properly,” Jones said. “That's just being a responsible human and I don't think this is even close to proper.”

Lee claims he isn’t begging for feed, but welcomes any donations.  

Animal Control eventually showed up to examine the horses just in case.

“[There’s] definitely no sign of any neglect. These horses are really taken care of,” Animal Welfare Investigator Sheridan Lowery said. “Their feet are trimmed. They're kept up, maintained, because these are his livelihood.”

Lee, a cancer survivor and rancher turned logger, is on his way to job in Luther.

He assures us his horses are well-kept.  

“A lot of people think it's pretty cool what we're doing and help us and then you meet some who are totally offended because their usage of horses is totally different from what mine is,” Lee said. “They don't know how to care for a heavy working team. It's a different ball game.”

After his job in Luther, Lee will head to Missouri and then onto Massachusetts.

From there, who knows where his journey will take him next.  

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