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Off-duty police officer saves life, changes many

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Back in April 25, Larry Cooper ran into the Super Wal-Mart on I-240 and Santa Fe and left in an ambulance. His heart had stopped beating.

Cooper had a severe heart attack between the pharmacy and produce department.

He flat-lined for six minutes.

An off-duty Oklahoma City Police officer, who was also shopping at Wal-Mart, came to the rescue.

"I don't remember anything. When I woke up in the hospital I had a black eye. From what I understand, I had no heart beat for six minutes, I and was actually dead for six minutes," Larry Cooper said.

However, Officer Scott McCall was coming into Wal-Mart as Cooper was leaving.

Eyewitnesses said McCall did life-saving compressions on Cooper until the ambulance arrived.

Cooper's doctor believes Officer McCall prevented long-term damage to Larry Cooper's heart muscle.

Both Cooper and McCall are graduates of Moore High School.

Officer McCall called Cooper after the heart attack to check on him.

They have never met.

Larry Cooper would like to show Officer McCall all the lives he changed by saving his life that day.

Cooper's two children still have a dad.

His three grandchildren still have a grandfather.

And his boss, Faron Davis, the owner of D & D Truck Sales, also credits McCall for saving his life.

Davis was visiting Cooper in the hospital, when Larry Cooper's doctor insisted Davis have his heart tested.

Turns out he had a blockages in several areas of his heart, corrected with a stent.

"Larry went home from the Heart Hospital and I checked in," Faron Davis said.

There is really no way to know all the lives altered because one man chose action when another man needed help.