Saving a Buck: Travel Insurance

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Planning a vacation? Whether you book online or use a travel agent, expect a pitch for travel insurance.

Given all the perils that could derail your trip, including medical emergencies, natural disasters, even political upheavals, travel insurance can be worth considering.

But do you need travel insurance?

Consumer Reports says, maybe, but buy wisely.

  • Don't buy insurance that covers small losses, like lost luggage.
  • If you're worried about dying in a plane crash, skip flight insurance. Instead, think about term life insurance; it covers you no matter what the cause of death.
  • Emergencies my already be covered in your health insurance. 
  • Wrecks may already be covered by your credit card or car insurance.
  • Traveling overseas? Consider medical travel insurance.
  • Use online broker (like who won't be swayed by making a commission.
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