Man pleads no contest in drug deaths of two friends

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The young man accused in the deaths of two friends after giving them a synthetic drug at a party pleads no contest.

Cody Weddle, 22, entered the plea to second-degree murder charges.

Two people, Stacy Jewell and Andrew Akerman, died after ingesting a dangerous designer drug; six others became violently ill.

"We think this is just the beginning. We're going to see more deaths as more of these synthetic drugs reach the streets," OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said.

Prosecutors said Weddle bought the drug online, thinking it was a powder form of 2-CE, a knockoff of ecstasy.

In reality, Weddle bought a much more potent drug called "2 Bromo Dragonfly."

"We were not even aware '2 Bromo Drangonfly' existed in the United States because it was so rare, until the deaths in Konowa," Woodward said.

The deaths sparked a change in state law, essentially putting synthetic drugs on the same level as traditional narcotics like cocaine or heroine.

The law will allow deaths involving synthetic drugs to be prosecuted as first-degree murder, something not possible in Weddle's case.

"It's only recently we've seen synthetic drugs so powerful that we're seeing deaths associated with it, so we need the laws to catch up with us," Woodward said.

Governor Fallin signed the new law into effect in May.

Weddle faces sentencing in early August.

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