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Man shoots fireworks from car

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CHICKASHA, Okla. -- A couple is behind bars after taking their Fourth of July fun a little too far.

Police officers in Chickasha are used to watching for speeding cars, but on the Fourth of July one driver threw them for loops.

"He heard the firework explode and was able to see that someone had in fact thrown a firework from the vehicle," Major Elip Moore said.

The car was driven by 50-year-old Tony Dewitt Tarpley.

The officer says Tarpley threw a lit firework into a crowd of people and didn't look back or pull over his vehicle. So police caught up with him at his home.

"Officers knocked on the front door and could hear people talking but nobody answered the door," Moore said.

The officer walked around to the back of his home where several people were gathered including Tarpley, Angela Tarpley and children.

"As soon as she saw the officers she seemed startled and panicked and flicked her cigarette away," Moore said. "The officers at that point could smell the odor of burnt marijuana."

Both Tarpley and Angela Tarpley were arrested, but police say Tony Tarpley had one last shenanigan left, and it went down at the county jail during book in.

"When he was searched by a detention officer there more illegal drugs, marijuana, was found on him," Moore said.

Both are now facing several charges including possessing drugs within 2,000 feet of a school.

Tony Tarpley also faces a felony for trying to smuggle marijuana into jail.

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