Del City Police chase suspect, make arrest

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DEL CITY, Okla. -- Neighbors in the area of S.E. 44th St. and Sunnylane Rd. in Del City first noticed suspicious activity about 6:45 a.m. Monday.

Neighbors said a man was lurking in the area, walking through yards and into residents' garages.

Del City Police responded to find the man crouched under a vehicle, hiding from authorities.

"When he saw us he fled on foot," Officer Brad Cowden said.

Brian Bates, a.k.a. The Video Vigilante, spotted the suspect walking out of his neighbors garage.

He also called 911.

"I chased the guy. He got hung up on the fence and then a very small pistol fell out of his waistband or pocket. I decided it wasn't worth anyone getting shot or killed and I backed off," Bates said.

Police eventually arrested 29-year-old Bruce Duncan.

Duncan has a long rap sheet of criminal convictions including convictions for weapons charges, drug possession, possession of a stolen vehicle and computer crimes.

"We're not really for sure if he was attempting to burglarize a residence or attempting to steal a vehicle. He does a pretty lengthy criminal history for possession of stolen vehicles," Officer Cowden said.

In fact, according to Department Of Corrections records, this was Duncan's last day on probation for a stolen vehicle conviction from 2009.

Duncan is now facing new criminal charges for obstruction of an officer and disorderly conduct.

"We can't do our job without citizens watching out for each other and their neighbors. We always encourage citizens if they see anything suspicious to call us," Officer Cowden said.

By the time police arrested Duncan, he did not have a gun in his possession.