Family jumps from window to escape fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A fire roars through an apartment complex causing $640,000 in damage.

Those flames had residents running for safety, one family had to jump out of the window to escape the blaze. 

Fifty firefighters responded to the fire at the Tuscany Village Apartments Saturday morning.

Twelve units caught on fire and four of them were occupied at the time.

Most people ran out the door but one man jumped from his balcony breaking his ankle.

A 10-year-old boy and his sister had to jump out of a window to survive.

"Its crazy, just you don't expect that to happen in your life," Leticia Gray said.

She came home to her apartment building on fire.

"I have tons of water damage and the ceiling is still falling down, basically everything is ruined," she said.

Gray lost everything but it's the items that belonged to her daughter, Kaylynn, and her deceased grandmother she's most upset about. 

"It's not just my memories but all the things I've created with my daughter over the last nine and a half years. My grandmother died last year and a lot of her things were given to me," she said. 

"It was so scary. I was watching TV and then I saw the door on fire," 10-year-old Roy Carrillo said.

He and his sister made a mad dash for the only way out, the window. 

"We went to the other room and then we jumped out from the window and there was a lady that caught us," Roy said.

Little did he know Cecilia Hawkins saw the fire from a different apartment complex, ran to help; she was there to catch him.

"He had to jump out the window and I was telling him it was OK because I called the police, then he finally jumped," Hawkins said.

Roy tried to grab his dog but it was scared by all the commotion and hid under the bed.

The dog dis not survive.

Some witnesses said they did not hear the fire alarms and when people showed up at their door to warn them, they were hesitant.

"People didn't even know the place was on fire and people were risking there lives knocking on doors saying you need to get out," Gray said.

Parts of the building fell on cars as firefighters doused the flames.

Some residents we spoke with had reason to believe the fire could have been started by an electrical problem based on previous work. 

But fire investigators have not determined a cause at this time.

There's no word on if or when residents will be able to move back in.

Red Cross is assisting displaced families.