OKC Police search for playground vandals

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City police are searching for some vandals who destroyed parts of one of our city’s playgrounds. 

They’re asking for the public’s help to catch the criminals. 

It happened on June 30 at the Lions Club Park at Lake Hefner. 

“Some folks came out and decided to damage a lot of the toys on our play structure and tear up some of the safety surface that was here at the Lions Children’s playground,” Jennifer McClintock said, with Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation.

The vandals cut shapes out of the rubber surface, pulled out toys and shattered glass. 

They even ripped out the spout of a lion water fountain. 

“I think it’s disappointing but I’m not totally surprised,” Karen Hoke said while she played with her kids at the park. “And it’s unfortunate that that’s what someone decided to do.”

“It’s really the loss of the children. Because when things like this happen, they’re the ones that lose out when we have to close the playground for several days,” McClintock said.

The Lions playground was originally built back in 1995 to honor the child victims of the Murrah Building bombing. 

Two years ago, the Lions Club raised more than $400,000 to totally redo the park. 

One of the city’s most beloved parks has now become the site of one of their largest cases of vandalism. 

“Right now the early estimate for the play surface alone is $29,000,” McClintock said.

Parents who frequent the park hope someone who knows something will come forward. 

“I think it’s kind of crummy. It’s a kid’s place and people should have a little more respect.  So I hope whoever did it gets caught,” Molly McCabe said.

The Parks and Rec. Department does not have surveillance cameras at their parks; they say they rely on the public to be their eyes and ears. 

Call Oklahoma City police if you have any information.