Wild cat spotted at popular park

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EDMOND, Okla. -- During a recent morning jog, Mike Seabrook encountered what he thought was a loose dog on a running trail at Mitch Park.

Seabrook said, "He was right there in the middle of the road, on the yellow line. It wasn't a dog. It was a big cat. I don't know if it was a bobcat or mountain lion. I wasn't looking for a tail. I was looking at it's eyes and his face."

Mike stopped in his tracks, afraid the mysterious animal might pounce. 

He said, "I knew it would catch me quick if it was a foot race."

With new neighborhoods and shopping centers sprouting up in north Edmond, the wilderness of Mitch Park has become a popular refuge for all sorts of wild animals, including hungry cats.

Animal Welfare Officer Cara Drake said, "A mountain lion or bobcat can easily hide without being seen for a long time. But with lots of joggers and many people out there, eventually they will cross paths."

Authorities said Mike and several other joggers did the right thing by making loud noises to frighten the animal away.

Seabrook said, "We just yelled and clapped and screamed until it ran away into the brush."

The Edmond jogger said he'll continue using the Mitch Park jogging trails. 

But Mike will definitely be more leary of what's lurking in the brush or right around the bend.

Mike said, "It was not a fun experience!"

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