High school band in need of instruments

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There is an old saying, "Music is what life sounds like," but what can that life sound like when there are no instruments to play?

It's a problem plaguing a metro charter school; students desiring to learn in a school band but there aren't enough instruments.

Now the school is hoping you can help.

The area around Santa Fe South High School is not known for a lot of good things.

Band Director Scott Filleman said, "They don't have a strong community life, a strong community support."|

But what happens inside the walls of the school could change the future of students.

Filleman said, "This program has a lot of students that come in and are a little rough around the edges."

Filleman said he has seen the band program at the Oklahoma City charter school completely turn students around.

"It gives them a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment. It teaches them what it really mean to work for something," he said.

However, this year the school doesn't have enough instruments to meet the program's demand.

Filleman said, "I'm literally going door-to-door, in some cases, asking for donations to sustain the band program."

Instruments are expensive and this school doesn't have enough money to purchase the number of instruments needed to serve their elementary, middle school and high school programs.

Filleman said, "It's not like buying an extra set of footballs."

There's only one french horn and most of the flutes and clarinets are well-worn.

The school did purchase a few percussion instruments and horns a few years ago, thanks to a grant.

But the program continues to grow.

Filleman said, "We have too many students and not enough instruments."

They are in need of 81 instruments new or used.

Any and all types would be welcome.

It's a gift this band director said could help change a child's life.

Filleman said, "It gives these kids something, something to wake up to and look forward to every single day." 

If you would like to donate an instrument or money to the Santa Fe South Band you can do so by dropping it off at the school office or contacting Mr. Filleman through the school office at (405) 631-6100.

Since Santa Fe South is a charter school, Filleman said donations are tax-deductible.

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