In Your Corner Update: Bent out of shape

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There are growing complaints against Robert Rivard.

The Oklahoma contractor is accused of botching remodel jobs around central Oklahoma.

Last month, we told you about Tiffany Porte and her botched plans to expand her yoga studio, Yoga at Tiffany's.

Porte said she was forced to rip up and replace Rivard's shoddy work. 

Rhonda Syjud is another dissatisfied customer. 

The homeowner said the flooring contractor did decent tile and cabinetry work but made a mess of everything else.  

She said, “The texturing on my walls ended up looking like a 3 year old had come in and slung mud all throughout my house.”

There are more problems in the master bath.

Rhonda claims some of the work was so bad, it had to be ripped out and replaced.

Rivard continues to run ads on Craigslist using the name A and R Remodeling.

We got the contractor on the phone again.

We asked him why he still hadn’t refunded Porte a portion of her money.

“You know what, you was letting them put my past all over the news,” Rivard said. “What kind of news man, what kind of news man tries to blackmail somebody into refunding money?"

Customers doing the complaining aren’t backing down.

They hope Rivard has a change of heart with their refund.

“That is what a lot of these companies and owners don't understand,” Rhonda said. “When they go into homes and destroy things or mess things up, it costs the homeowner three times the amount to fix it.”

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