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Fans 4 Oklahomans: Still need more donations

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OKLAHOMA CITY - This dangerous heat is making life miserable for the most vulnerable Oklahomans, especially those without air conditioning.

There's already been at least one heat-related death reported in our state.

That's why we're continuing our Fans 4 Oklahomans campaign, teaming up with the Salvation Army, the Bricktown Rotary Club, OG&E and Rococo's to collect donations and boxed fans for those in need.

Money and fan donations continue to pour in.

The AT&T Pioneers gave $600 to buy more fans. Both the Sheet Metal Workers Local 124 and the Central Oklahoma Sheet Metal Contractors Association donated $2500 to the cause.

Generous pockets saving lives.

Alexander Booker is lucky to be alive.   

“I got too hot last week,” he said. “This lip froze. I knew your name, but I couldn't say it.”

The Salvation Army and EMSA continue to educate folks in this heat.

Salvation Army spokesperson Heidi Brandes said, “[A fan could] possibly could bring down your body temperature a couple degrees, but I think what's important is you have to use it right.”

EMSA supervisor Mike Roy recommends using the fan to create an exhaust system.

“During the heat of the day, if you've got a house w/out air conditioning, [you’ll] want to get hot air out of the house,” Roy said. “You'll want to face [the fan] outwards so that it sucks the hot air from the house, blowing it outwards.

And when the sun sets, open your window and flip the fan around blowing the cooler air inside.

Roy also recommends whipping up a homemade air conditioning system by using a cooler filled with ice.

“Put it in front of fan and the cool air blowing over the top of the ice is going to cool the air, so that it's cooler when it comes in and blows on to you,” Roy said.

And in this heat, we still need your help with fans for Oklahomans.

The dangerous heat is creating life-threatening conditions for the most vulnerable Oklahomans.

Just this week it took the life of a 56 year-old Oklahoma City man.

With no immediate relief in sight cool air is at a premium, which is why our In Your Corner team and the Salvation Army continue to collect fans for needy families without air conditioning.

Ever since we reported on the Salvation Army's fan shortage, donations have been pouring in.

Workers at InvesTrust chipped in more than 30 new fans.  

We got the same incredible response at Monday's annual fan drive.

The fan donations are saving lives.  

Pam Revels and her husband suffer from a number of serious medical ailments.

When the couple couldn’t afford air conditioning, they turned to the Salvation Army for fans.

“[It’s] so awesome. God is so good,” Pam said. “Salvation Army is there. Channel 4 is around. Things work. Things work. You can reach out and get help.”

While one family breathes a sigh of relief, others still struggle to survive the suffocating heat.

“Oklahomans have really embraced this idea that fans save lives,” Salvation Army spokesperson Heidi Brandes said. “They're bringing in box fans and we just say keep them coming because we have lines of people begging for fans.”

Already the Salvation Army has handed out more than 900 boxed fans to needy families.

They'll be accepting donations through the summer.

If you can't get a fan, find a "Cool Zone" in your area here.

The Salvation Army simply can't keep up with the demand.
Fans are flying out the door and are limited to the most vulnerable Oklahomans.

  • Senior citizens
  • Those with a chronic illness
  • Those who have an infant living underneath their roof

Cheryl qualifies, but was turned away empty-handed, which means her granddaughter must go at least another day without cool air.

“It feels bad sometimes, especially when you can't give them the needs required,” Cheryl said. “And I don't want her to get sick or nothing.”

Help the Salvation Army refill their empty pallets with new boxed fans.

Drop off your donation at the Salvation Army's main building at 501 S. Harvey or at our KFOR studios at 444 East Britton Rd.