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Man gets 10 years for paralyzing OKC police officer

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Ten years in prison, that's the punishment for one of three men accused of brutally beating an Oklahoma City police officer.

Early last year, officer Chad Peery was left partially paralyzed after he tried to break up a bar fight while off-duty.

Three men, Joshua Rinken, Jimmy Smith and Cadmio Lopez, were charged with the assault.

The plea deal accepted by Rrinken makes him the last of the three suspects to be held accountable for the attack.

Ironically, Rinken will serve less time behind bars than Lopez, who never actually threw a punch in the attack.

After pleaded guilty to the crime, a judge sentenced Lopez to 15 years in prison.

Jimmy Smith who repeatedly punched Peery in the face only netted 10 years in prison; the same punishment as the primary attacker Joshua Rinken.

Officer Peery signed off on the deal for Rinken but only reluctantly.

"What's done is done. I can't change any of the sentences handed out," Peery said.

Attorney David McKenzie said the bottom line is Lopez gambled and lost by pleading guilty and leaving his punishment up to the judge while the other two took plea deals.

"When you leave it up to one person, you're taking an enormous risk," McKenzie said.

Following the incident at Dan Obrien's Public House, Rinken turned down a plea deal to serve 10 years in prison but changed his tune after Lopez got 15 years.

For his part, Peery said he simply wants to move on from the criminal cases.

"It allows me to close this chapter and focus on work, my kids and on life," Peery said.

There are two last legal issues in the case.

Lopez is appealing his 15-year sentence and the Peery family is going forward with a civil case against the owners of the bar.

In the meantime, Peery back working full time for the Oklahoma City Police Department.