Alleged sexual predator arrested at Walmart

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WEATHERFORD, Okla. -- OSBI investigators converged at the Weatherford Walmart Wednesday to take down an employee they say tried to have sex with kids he met online.

The suspect, 22-year-old William Cantrell, is a Walmart employee.

"What his M.O. was, was to find them on Facebook and then get their telephone number and start texting them. And once that texting occurred it would get lewd and lascivious, and then that's when a concerned individual contacted OSBI," OSBI's Jessica Brown said.

Police said Cantrell showed up at the Walmart Wednesday to meet what he thought was an underage girl in a dressing room.

An undercover police officer met Cantrell instead.

Police said during the sting Cantrell had requested nude photos and pictures of sex acts.

"It just kind of makes me wonder, you know, who is my neighbor around here," Weatherford resident Keenan Haught said.

In Weatherford, KFOR found several stunned residents.

"You just don't really think that that would happen. You don't think you're going to walk into Walmart and the people that are checking you out could be doing this kind of stuff," Korey Wheeler said.

OSBI agents are now investigating weather or not there might be other victims. 

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