Blake Griffin to miss Olympics, recover by training camp

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Former OU basketball star Blake Griffin will be watching the summer Olympics instead of playing in them.

The LA Clippers star is benched from London after Clippers' management said Griffin suffered a medial meniscus tear in his left knee.

Dr. Bradley Margo from the McBride Hospital in Oklahoma City said this is common among athletes because of all the jumping and twisting they do.

"The medial meniscus is a shock absorber in the knee. What it does is help disperse contact pressure in the knee. When you get a tear it can cause pain, swelling and mechanical systems such as locking or giving out."

Reports state Griffin originally sprained his left knee in the Western Conference Quarterfinals then supposedly aggravated it this week in a collision with player John Wall. 

Griffin will undergo arthroscopic surgery which Margo said is standard treatment.

"There could be other associated injuries we're not aware of but if it's just a meniscual tear, that can be treated pretty quickly and have a good recovery. Usually by the sixth week most athletes are good to getting back to their sport."

The Clippers said that Griffin will be ready to play by training camp time.

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