Drunk driver demolition derby in parking lot

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Michelle Garrison is temporarily without transportation.

Her Saturn coupe was among several vehicles struck by a hit and run driver.

Garrison said, "One neighbor took me to breakfast and Walmart. I'm missing work. This is a huge inconvenience, especially since my friend is getting married tomorrow and I wanted to go get some stuff."

It was just after midnight when tenants at The Highlands near 122nd St. and Penn. Ave. were rattled from bed by squealing tires and crushing metal.

Witnesses said the alleged drunk driver raced around the corner at a high rate of speed. 

He plowed into a car, backed up, plowed into another, backed up and did that several more times before speeding out of the complex.     

A security guard from the complex jumped into his truck and chased down the fleeing suspect.

One tenant told us, "He was trying to get out of there. His wheels were spinning, smoke coming out of his engine.The pick up pulled up and the guy started yelling. The guy chased him."

The alert security guard was able to tackle the dangerous driver and hold him until police arrived.

Police are still investigating but victims fear they will end up footing the bill; the driver didn't have auto insurance. 

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