Yellow Ribbon program helps families while soldiers are away

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OKLAHOMA CITY—An event that reminds others that support for soldiers should not end when they return from deployment was hosted in Oklahoma City this week.

Leslie Haas said, “It’s very difficult trying to raise your children and budget, you know, with your finances and to not know where they are, not being able to pick up the phone and call when you need something.”

That’s what the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” ceremony is about; providing the help that deployed soldiers are not able to.

Soldiers say it is a way of giving back to their families when they’re away.

James Hendrickson said, “This will go wrong or that will go wrong and you’re not there to fix it and leaving your wife or significant other there to try and fix that problem and just knowing that there’s nothing you can really do about it.”

 With the program, school, counseling and support are just a phone call away.

Misty Henderickson said, “It seems like when he leaves, everything falls apart at the house. When he left, everything just fell apart. I had resources to get help and get things fixed like the roof leaking; they helped me out on that.”

Being away from a loved one is a hard enough challenge but these families aren’t alone.

For more information on the Yellow Ribbon Program, call the Oklahoma National Guard at 1-800-649-6031.

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