Man arrested for rape, police catch him in act

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City man is behind bars accused of an unusual rape.

Police said they caught the suspect in the act.

The sexual assault happened Tuesday night behind a grocery store near Penn. Ave. and Hefner Rd.

When police arrived they found the rape in progress.

Officers then used a taser to bring the 49-year-old suspect under control.

Police said the victim and suspect had both been visiting a mutual friend prior to the attack.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan heard the assault and called police.

"A witness called police and said there was a woman screaming for help and yelling someone to get off of her," Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

Police happened to be nearby and arrived at the Buy For Less just minutes later, at which point police found Anthony Dewitt still on top of the victim.

"When officers arrived the attack was still in progress in an alley behind the store," Knight said.

Even with officers guarding both ends of the alley, the suspect did not go quietly.

"When the man realized he'd been discovered, he got up and tried to run. He ran at one officer and tried to run around him," Knight said.

Knight said that's when one officer used his taser to take down Dewitt.

While Dewitt and the victim did know each other, there was no cause for the sexual assault.

"The attack was unprovoked. They did not have any type of dating relationship. This was, by all accounts, a straightforward attack, especially as officers arrived and witnessed her screaming for help with him on top of her," Knight said.

The suspect does not appear to have a prior criminal record in Oklahoma, although he does have a burglary conviction 10 years ago in Alabama.