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Charity in need of food donations

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LUTHER, Okla. -- An Oklahoma center providing for those in need is now finding they are in need of a little help themselves.

They are at risk of running out of some of what they provide to those without.

Ruby Stahl is in charge of the Luther Service Center.

She has dedicated her life to helping those in the town of Luther.

Luther resident Mike Grove said, "Ruby does so many things for all of us in this little town."

Each week she organizes food boxes for about 40 different families.

Each box is made to last a family until next month. 

Grove said, "When you are on a fixed income it sure does help."

Stahl said, "We have families that its all they get for the month, what's in this box."

Stahl and numerous volunteers load boxes of food, along with fans and other goods into the cars of those in need.

This week they are a little low on canned goods.

Stahl said, "The top box is normal but the bottom box, see we've got very little cans in here, very little. Usually we try to fill the bottom box with cans."

While it was enough for today's line, Ruby is worried about the next few weeks.

She said, "Any kind of canned food and canned meat, we need that bad."

Another issue for the Luther Service Center is the walk-in freezer; it breaks down almost weekly.

Despite the problems, the mission stays the same, to help this community.

Stahl said they've always had enough food to provide for those in need.

Even though the boxes change from one week to the next, Ruby will always make sure there is something for those who less fortunate.

She said, "We do the best we can with what we have."

If you would like to donate canned food to the Luther Service Center you can drop donations off at the Memorial Road Church of Christ in Edmond.

They have agreed to take the donations out to Ruby.

You can also take them out to the Luther Service Center during their business hours.

LINK: More about the Luther Service Center