Woman robbed in own home

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Like many of her neighbors, Heather Davis enjoys living in Oklahoma City's Belle Isle neighborhood.

She loves it so much, she wants to keep it a great neighborhood.

That's why she sent out a neighborhood alert email to fellow residents after a 91-year-old woman, who lives around the corner from Davis, was robbed.

The robbery happened Thursday in the woman's garage.

"An older woman in our neighborhood was approached by someone after she was coming home from the grocery store, and was asked, well, that person pretended that she knew her, as an acquaintance from church and asked if she could get a glass of water because it was hot," Davis said.

The woman told Davis the mystery visitor stole her driver's license, checkbook and credit cards.

"It's amazing to me that people will try and get away with anything, even with police in the neighborhood," Davis said.

The Belle Isle community has an active neighborhood watch and folks in the community said they try to watch out for each other.

Police warn this can happen anywhere, no matter how upscale the neighborhood.

"They will say either it's hot outside, can I use your phone, can I have a drink of water, my car is broken down, things along those lines," OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight.

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