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Fire alarm set off at AMC Theater

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OKLAHOMA CITY—Many people’s nerves are still rattled after Friday’s mass shooting in Colorado.

Theaters across the country have beefed up security to help calm those fears, but movie-goers at AMC Theaters at Quail Springs Mall had a scare of their own Friday evening.

About 30 minutes into the showing of “The Amazing Spiderman,” the theater’s lights started flashing and alarms were sounding.

Cynthia Kidd said, “At first, the lights started going off and we just thought nothing is going on. Then they came on speaker and told us to evacuate. So here all of us are coming out of the theater only to find out it was a false alarm.”

In a statement from AMC Theaters, the company said, “AMC Theater associates immediately communicated with guests and ensured a quick, orderly exit. Officers from the Oklahoma City Police Department were already providing security on site and the situation was resolved within minutes.”

We’re told a couple of pranksters tripped the fire alarm causing all the ruckus.

AMC also issued movie patrons free passes.

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