Brown recluse spiders invade Stillwater apartment

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STILLWATER, Okla. -- Katelyn McBride and her roommate Audrey Tompkins have become experts of sorts at spotting brown recluse spiders.

Since they moved into their apartment in the middle of June, they've spotted the spiders everywhere.

"One crawled on my stomach while I was sleeping and I woke up and jumped out bed and I took a picture of it," said McBride.

Her roommate agreed.

 "Over 44 spiders we have already killed. Yes. I mean, she had over 15 in one day when she shook everything out," said Tompkins.

It's enough, the roommates say, to cause a big case of arachnophobia.

"If we feel any kind of tickle on us or if we see any kind of red bump we are like, is that a bite," said Tompkins.

Oklahoma happens to be right smack in the brown recluse spider's natural habitat. The spider does not seek out humans, but a bite from one can be deadly. 

"There have been documented cases where they have trapped thousands. Nobody ever got bit," said Oklahoma State University's Kevin Shelton.

But, he does say brown recluse spiders are not easy to get rid of once they invade a home.

These two roommates say that is why they will be moving to a new apartment by the end of the week.

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