New ride vouchers for intoxicated OU students

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NORMAN, Okla. -- Study hard, play harder; that's the motto for thousands of college coeds. 

At the University of Oklahoma, student safety is priority number one, on and OFF campus.  

Student Programs Director Brynn Daves said, "Our thing is we want to get them home safely."

Yellow Cab of Norman is one of several companies contracted with the University of Oklahoma. 

They escort hundreds of students home safely every weekend. 

Yellow Cab owner Clyda Teegerstrom said, "There were a lot of calls last year. It will be under better control this year. We did have some abusing the system, we thought."

Intoxicated students would use the Safe Ride program as their personal limousine service, free of charge.

Last year, there were more than 35,000 calls to Safe Ride here in Norman; that would lead to an hour or more wait.

Rather than stick around for a cab, some students would walk, or even worse, try to drive home.

To cut down on wait time, curb binge drinking and abuse of the system, OU has implemented a new voucher program. 

Each student is limited to three rides per week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.

Daves told us, "If they go out, they'll have their voucher ready so they can contact the cab company and they're ready to go. We made them wallet-sized so they are convenient for them."

Under the revised program, students may pick up the vouchers in Student Affairs and use them at their discretion, no questions asked. 

Simply call or hail a cab for a free ride. 

Daves said, "If we can save one student from an accident or injury, we've accomplished our goals."      

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