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Pink panty pervert arrested exposing self at store

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Police made a bizarre arrest at an Oklahoma City grocery store that involved a 348-pound man and women's underwear.

James Hayes sees a lot working at Buy For Less.

"All we usually get in here is panhandlers, you know?" he said. "Good people. A lot of Mexicans come and shop here. Very busy store."

And that's not all.

"A lot of panhandlers come through here. We gotta chase 'em off. A lot of drunks come through here and panhandle," he said. "We ask them to leave if they get too obnoxious."

But one man in the parking lot of Buy For Less got downright obscene.

A woman called police after she said Jeffrey Srock, 6'4" and 348 pounds, was wearing women's pink underwear and exposing himself.

"That's weird, I've got to admit that," Hayes said. "That's weird of all the things I see out here in the parking lot."

Police quickly tracked down Srock and pulled him over; they had a pretty good description of what he was wearing.

"It appeared the suspect was wearing women's undergarments that the officer could actually see at the time that he took this man into custody," Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow said.

"That's abnormal. We can't have stuff like that going on in the parking lot with kids around," Hayes said.

However, despite the wild card character in pink, Hayes said the prices and selection there are hard to beat.

"Come and shop. We got good prices," he said. "It's a good store to shop at."

Srock was arrested for indecent exposure.