GRAPHIC: Fifty dogs taken from elderly hoarders

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GUTHRIE, Okla. -- Feces found in a purse may have saved the lives of an elderly Guthrie couple.

It wasn't until the wife became sick and went to the hospital did authorities learn she and her husband were hoarding dogs and living in unspeakable conditions.

While caring for the woman, a hospital staffer found feces in her purse.

That lead DHS and police to the home on Andy Drive. More than 50 boston terrier dogs were found living inside.

Dog excrement was found on the kitchen floor, on furniture, on clothing and other items in the house.

Neighbor Rocky Bolin says, "I was shocked when I heard what was happening. The dogs come in the yard sometime, but they didn't bother us except for the noise."

Other neighbors like Bobby Walker says they didn't realize there were so many dogs. He remembers when the woman became ill.

Only a few dogs were able to be saved, nearly 50 were euthanized.

"I fell badly about the whole situation. I feel for those dogs. It went on for a long time and I'm glad it's over," says Tanya Wills.

We're told the couple was taken to into protective custody initially but are now believed to be living with family members.