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Couple Says Insurance Agent Stole Their Money

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TUTTLE, Okla. -- An Oklahoma couple is convinced they were duped by their insurance agent. They say they paid cash, but the agent pocketed the money.

Rose Marsh, 62, likes a bargain.

So, last year when she and her husband decided their homeowner's insurance was too expensive, they switched to what they thought was a better deal.

When Rose paid the premium, she paid with cash.

"I didn't have the checkbook with me and I paid cash," she said.

However, that cash was never applied to her new policy.

She found out when she later tried to make a claim after a storm pounded the roof of her home.

She says her new agent avoided her.

So she contacted the the insurance company herself.

"And that's when I found out it was cancelled due to no payment," she said.

Rose immediately contacted the insurance commissioner's office.

State investigators were quick to respond say Rose did one very important thing.

She kept all documentation.

The missing in action insurance agent may have avoided Rose, but the state sure got everyone's attention.

"By state law the insurance companies have a certain amount of time to respond back to us," Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak said.

Rose's insurance company issued her a check for the $13,000 in damages, and she finally got her roof repaired.

As for all the hassle she went through just for trying to save a little money, well, you and live and learn.

"I'm not mad," she said. "I just look at what could have happened."

NewsChannel 4 is withholding the name of the insurance company and the agent, because state officials tell us this case is still under investigation.