Dead lawn? Try synthetic grass

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's about this time of year we get really tired of mowing and watering the lawn.

What if we told you there was a lush new alternative to the same old Bermuda or fescue? No mowing required!

Johnathan and Natalie Fowler gave their backyard a facelift; a pretty painted fence and brand new lush, green grass.

"It's more pride and say, ‘Hey, check out my back yard,’ you know? Look, don't you want to come hang out here? I mean, yeah, they always like it and then they say, ‘Well, how'd you get your grass to be so green?’"

The secret to this beautiful lawn?

It's not real.

In the heat of this summer, the Fowlers aren't mowing or watering.

The company Always Greener started here in Oklahoma December of 2011.

Owner, Carrie Parker, said the business is taking off with more and more Oklahomans choosing a year-round, maintenance-free look.

"It looks perfect year round. It's never going to mow, never going to edge, weed eat, fertilize, plant grass, deal with spots ever again,” Parker said.

Parker used to live in California where she said lots of yards are synthetic.

She was a little worried Oklahoma wasn't ready.

"I think that Oklahoma really surprises me in a lot of ways and it keeps doing that,” Parker said. “And we've become way more progressive and they actually took to it so much better than what I expected."

Once existing soil and grass is removed, a weed barrier goes down, then gravel and then the grass.

Dan Myers oversees the installs.

He said, "It lasts anywhere from 20 to 30 years relatively maintenance free."

Debbie Clagg decided to put the synthetic grass in an area of her backyard where nothing else would grow.

"When you have shade grass that doesn't grow, it gets kind of muddy and it kind of became an area we didn't want to be in," she said.

Parker's done many backyards but has yet to do a full front yard.

The Fowlers love their backyard so much they're considering doing it in the front which doesn't have a lot of real grass now anyway.

And they're not afraid of what the neighbors would think.

"I'm worried they might get jealous and want to come hang out and we won't have enough room for everybody," Fowler said.

For now they're enjoying their backyard haven, in the newest art of landscaping.

The synthetic turf is an investment.

The grass costs about $7 to $10 a square foot.

Want the grass? Get more info here.