Saving A Buck: School Supplies

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School supplies can quickly add up especially if you have more than one kiddo.

We have a little advice for how you can Save a Buck on those back to school supplies.

With three kids, shopping for school supplies can add up for Diana Brumley.

She said, "About the third week of August, night before school, we make a mad rush to the store and buy everything else on the list."

Amanda Brackney with the blog said if you don't start shopping early, the cost of school supplies can be overwhelming.

She said, "You could spend upwards of $50 per child if you aren't careful."

With Amanda as our saving expert and Diana looking to save we sent these ladies shopping on a budget of $50.

At an Edmond Staples they saved big.

Their favorite deal, Sharpies retailing for about 99 cents each.

These savvy savers took in a Walgreens add showing a deal for 39 cents for Sharpies and Staples price matched the deal, so Diana stocked up.

Another price match, colored pencils.

Brackney said, "The thing you have to be careful with on price matching is it has to be the exact item the same brand."

Diana's total before any sale was $69.66; after price matching and a $5 off coupon she paid just $40.75.

But it gets better.

She can also send in a rebate for two reams of paper and the pens and pencils, bringing her final total to $20.77.

A total savings of $48.89.

Diana said, "I feel like I basically paid for the Sharpies and got everything else free."

As for those rebates, Amanda said submitting them online is the best way to get the money back fast.

She said, "You can get online. Not only is it easy and you don't have paperwork to file you get the rebate in four to six weeks."

Amanda said shopping early is the key to saving.

The best deals will be found from now through the first week of August.

Also, plan ahead for next year.

Amanda said the great deals typically start the second week of July.

You can find more of Amanda's savings tip on her blog,