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Twin brothers stabbed in metro bar fight

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Twin brothers are stabbed at a popular Oklahoma City bar.

The overnight violence landed both twins in the hospital.

The stabbing happened just after midnight at Edna's Bar and Grill near Northwest Expressway and Classen Blvd.

That's where a birthday celebration turned violent.

Police arrested two men from Edmond in connection with the crime.

Witnesses said the stabbing started as a simple argument before quickly getting out of hand.

"You know, I looked to my left and bar stools were flying and there's blood on the floor," Megan Adams said.

Adams said the two victims, 23-year-old Brett Appling and his brother Matthew Brandon Appling, had been attending a birthday party at the bar when they got into a fight with the accused knife wielding suspect, 39-year-old Thomas Davis, who allegedly admitted what he did.

"You know the boys are brothers helping each other out and before we knew it their backs were drenched in blood," Adams said. "The other guy was walking back toward my friend and folding something and said he stuck'em."

"As the officers approached the suspect, he still had a knife and he indicated this was a case of self-defense. He was attacked and was simply defending himself," Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

The incident inside Edna's also landed a fourth man, James Courter, behind bars.

"There was a fourth person involved in the fracas. He did not stab anyone but he was arrested for public intoxication," Knight said.

No one answered at either of the two suspect's homes.

One of the twins, Brandon, took to Twitter to talk about the incident.

"I mean, it put it in perspective. Anything can happen. Always be careful," Adams said.

Both victims are recovering from their injuries; they are expected to be fine.

The stabbing suspect could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.