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Private investigator speaking out for murder suspect

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Are there more suspects in the murder case of Jaymie Adams? That's what the defense team for her husband Justin Adams is speculating after he was released from jail on a $100,000 bond.

The 25-year-old pregnant mother of three was found dead at Lake Stanley Draper back in December.

Her husband was arrested shortly after but was released from jail this week.

NewsChannel 4 has followed this case since the beginning and police have only talked about one suspect - Justin.

A private investigator for the defense team says because of the lifestyle the couple led, there are a lot more theories about how Jayme and her unborn child died.

Dana Reyna said,"The alternative lifestyle they were living could open up doors for so many other possibilities to what could have happened. Anyone who has an alternative lifestyle puts themselves at risk."

Adams and his deceased wife both had ads on Craigslist soliciting sex for cash.

Reyna said,"There's nothing that puts Justin at the crime scene."

After spending months focused on Adams, Reyna says the prosecution is now on the right track and are likely looking at the possibility of other suspects.

She said,"It's highly unusual for the prosecution to allow bail in a case like with this two counts of first-degree murder."

Reyna could not gives specifics about what new evidence they may have obtained because it could jeopardize the defense.

She also says the family has received death threats from people who believe Justin is guilty.

Reyna says Justin is happy to be home in an undisclosed location, even though he has to wear a GPS monitor at all times.