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Earlsboro fire forces home evacuations

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EARLSBORO, Okla. -- Firefighters from nine different fire departments spent much of Sunday afternoon battling a large grass fire in Earlsboro. 

Fire officials said the fire started at an Earlsboro residence where they believe the homeowners were burning trash. 

While Pottawatomie County is not currently under a burn ban, they said this large blaze is a prime example of why precautions need to be taken. 

Firefighters said much of the fire traveled through heavily wooded areas, making it hard to get to. 

"The problem was it would go into some heavily wooded areas and then hit some spots that were open areas, you know, dead grass, dry vegetation and it would take off on the firefighters and go back into another wooded area that was hard to reach," Tecumseh Fire Chief Aaron Williams said.

Tecumseh Fire Lt. Shane Browns said, at one point in time, the flames started traveling a little too fast for them. 

"We found a pond and we waited close to the pond just in case and then the fire luckily the wind changed direction and started moving further to the east, which saved us," he said.

Vanessa Cervantes had to evacuate her home along with her dogs. 

"And you could just hear the fire just coming. It was just like, sounded like a big old gust of wind blowing trees' leaves and stuff. It was crazy," Cervantes said.

Her family lost a couple of trailers they used for storage and most of their chickens but their home was spared. 

"But thank the Lord, you know? We still have a house and, you know, couldn't ask for more."

The National Guard helicopter dropped water from the air to help fight the fire. 

It was mostly contained by late Sunday night. 

One firefighter had to be treated for heat exhaustion but he was treated on scene and did not have to be transported to the hospital.