Running group provides free defensive course to joggers

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EDMOND, Okla.—In light of some recent attacks on female joggers in the metro, a local women’s club has decided to show women how to fend off a potential attacker.

RunHers held a free one-hour forum Saturday morning on jogging safety.

The event focused on some quick defensive moves that will protect you in case of an attack.

Kristin Brittain said, “I was running out at Lake Hefner a couple of weeks ago and I passed a gentleman, didn’t think anything of it. Because I had my headphones on, even though I passed him and was aware of him, I didn’t hear him coming up behind me. When I realized he was a couple of steps behind, I was able to, you know, side-step and get away.”

She added, “I don’t know if he had any bad intentions, but because of the class I was able to make sure that the situation didn’t occur.”

Experts say runners should not run with music on and always be aware of your surroundings.