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Huge marijuana operation found

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ADA, OK -- A multi-million dollar marijuana operation was found and snuffed out. It was outside of the town of Ada in Pontotoc County.

A tip led drug agents to one of the largest pot busts in Oklahoma history and this marijuana operation even surprised law enforcement officers.

Darrell Weaver, Director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says, "What you see, [behind me] plainly put, is just a lot of marijuana. It is high grade marijuana that they've watered and they've obviously cultivated."

Working a tip, drug agents walked 30 minutes through thick brush and thorns to get to the actual site of their illegal cash crop. When they arrived, they were amazed at just how large of an operation this really was.

"[It’s] probably about seven thousand plants at this time that they have been able to come up with in several different locations," explains Steve Cash of the Lighthorse Tribe.

Marijuana plants nearly seven feet tall; it’s a multi-million dollar operation that even surprised seasoned drug agents.
"I tell you, I've been doing the program ever since it started and I can't recall a plant; these plants; I've seen taller, but this many and dense as it is; it’s pretty impressive," Cash says.

But that isn't all that was growing in the fields. There were cucumber and squash. They were found near a makeshift camp site providing food for the growers.
Authorities tell us the growers actually camp out here.

Steve Cash says, "[They are] probably not living here permanently, but you can see obviously they spend quite a bit of time here."
It’s a confiscated crop that will most likely not be the last for these drug agents.

"We're going stay after the marijuana growers. We are not going to allow it in our state, so we are going bang away at them," Cash says.

Officers say this is clearly people who know what they are doing. No arrests have been made at this time.