Fire cleanup begins in Glencoe

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GLENCOE, Okla. -- On Monday, Jay Wilkerson got a chance to survey his property, two acres or so of prairie land right next to where Glencoe's fire department managed to stop a weekend wildfire.

"I feel lucky. You know, it could have burned up everything. If it wasn't for the firefighters, it would have. If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have had the house. You know, they were more worried about the house then the sheds and stuff. You can only fight one thing at a time. They were overwhelmed," said Wilkerson.

In Glencoe, emotions run the range.

Grateful residents mix with those who despair from losing everything in one weekend to wildfires.

Firefighters told KFOR these fires add up to some of the most damaging the town has seen in recent history.

For Glencoe fire chief Randy Clark, the drama is almost too much to take.

"Our fire department hasn't even had time to deal with the emotions of it yet." said Clark.

Community leaders report receiving a huge number of donations of water and supplies for fire crews and victims.

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