Friends say fire victim tried to get out

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NORMAN, Okla. -- We are learning more about the person who was killed in the wildfires that ravaged our state. 

Authorities investigating a missing person report discovered the body inside a burned out home near Highway 9 and Indian Meridian Ave. S.E., south of Lake Thunderbird in east Norman. 

Friends of the victim identify her as 67-year-old Linda Zoldoske.

They said Zoldoske doesn't normally watch TV but several friends had called her that day warning her about the approaching flames. 

They said Zoldoske was paying attention and planning to evacuate like so many others. 

"Another friend of ours called Linda and by that time Linda had she'd gathered up her dogs and was getting ready to put them in the car and had packed a little overnight bag so that she could leave real quick. But something happened between that phone call in the evening and she just was not able to get out is what we think," Ellen Primm said.

Primm said Zoldoske was an organic gardener. 

The two of them sold herbs at the Norman Farmer's Market for several years. 

She also said Zoldoske was an animal rescuer and was taking care of four dogs. 

Primm says she may have had trouble rounding up those dogs. 

She said Zoldoske also had severe arthritis and could not move quickly. 

Primm said there is only one way off Zoldoske's property. 

"She did just have that one driveway into her house where the I think it was on the direction where the fire was coming from. So maybe she realized she couldn't get down that driveway in her car. So it was just one of those really tragic circumstances," Primm said.  "It was probably just a matter of the fire was too hot and too fast."

Primm describes Zoldoske as good-hearted and generous and says she'd do anything for anybody. 

She said it's a loss that's tough to take. 

"We all just are going to miss her terrible and it's probably not going to set in for a while, it'll take a while." 

Primm said a memorial service for Zoldoske is being planned for early next week in Moore.

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