Thieves steal National Guard soldier’s dog

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MOORE, Okla. -- A National Guard soldier in Moore is the victim of a recent break-in.

Thieves not only took off with the man's electronics and belongings but also his 2-year-old English bulldog, "Sarge."

The victim said the crooks stole his computer, his iPad and a shotgun.

Those can all be replaced; it's the theft of his dog that really makes the soldier upset.

"This is my dog. He's my son. He's my family," Phillip Ortiz said. "Getting him and coming home to him was the best thing. It really upsets me that he's gone."

Ortiz bought the now missing pooch three and a half years ago.

"I spent my money from basic training to buy him and he's been with me ever since," Ortiz said.

Last year, Phillip spent nine months overseas serving in Kuwait before returning home in April.

With no wife or kids, Phillip said Sarge is just like family.

"I spent a year away on deployment and came home a few months and someone decided they wanted him more than I do. That's not fair," Ortiz said.

Phillip left home last Friday to go to the hospital for the birth of his nephew.

During that time someone kicked in his back door.

Phillip simply hopes someone recognizes his missing dog and calls police, helping Sarge return home safely.

"Breaking into people's home is the lowest things you can do and taking a man's pet is even lower than that," Ortiz said.

Phillip didn't have any information on any suspects.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information on the missing dog can call Moore police.

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