Students help teacher in fire recovery

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OAK GROVE, Okla. -- When the Smith family reluctantly evacuated their 100-year-old home Saturday evening, they didn't grab too many belongings.

Alan Smith said, " I thought we'd be displaced for a day or two without power. Then we'd be back and everything would be fine."

But flames crept through Oak Grove like a thief in the night, stealing almost everything the family owned.

Smith said, "Those are memories. We can't replace those memories."

Alan Smith is not alone in his recovery.

A Cushing High School Ag teacher for 27 years, Smith quickly learned he's touched a lot of people.

"I've been fortunate enough to have hundreds of good students over those years. They're all pitching in." said Smith.

Once the smoke cleared, a non-stop wave of former and current students, like 10th grader, Jessie Pearce, began showing up to Alan's 5 acre property to help their favorite teacher clean up.

Pearce said, "He was my dad's teacher. He's been there my whole life. He taught my sister. We just wanted to help."

Alan Smith plans to rebuild in the exact same spot.

Through tragedy, friends and neighbors have taught this teacher, he has everything he truly needs right here.

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