Oklahoma’s first West Nile death

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Glenn McKittrick, 78, loved the great outdoors.

His sister Mary Brown said, "He worked outdoors, liked to go fishing, loved the lake. He loved to sit on the front porch."

All the things he enjoyed likely contributed to his death.

Dr. mark Godish told us, "There are a lot of mosquitoes to do the biting and infect humans."

For Glenn McKittrick, it started as a slight fever then achy body and within a few days, Glenn could barely walk and speak.

He was admitted to Integris Southwest, where doctors tried a potpourri of powerful antibiotics.

Brown said, "Nothing helped. It was already too late and Monday they called and said he was gone."

According to the State Health Department, there are now 31 confirmed cases in our state.

That exceeds the total number of reports for the four previous years combined.

Glenn's sister, Mary, is now on a crusade to spread the word. 

She won't leave the house without long sleeves and a heavy and frequent dose of mosquito repellent.

Brown said, "I just want people to know that this is something not to be taken lightly."

Adults over the age of 50 are at the greatest risk of severe illness and death. 

Health experts suggest removing stagnant water from around your property, using liberal amounts of repellent and staying inside during dawn and dusk, peak hours for mosquito bites.

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