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Cleanup continues in Cleveland County

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NOBLE, Okla. — Even a week on, it’s easy to find efforts of cleanup still going on all over Cleveland County.

We ran into one couple helping salvage what’s left of a burned out property.

“It’s a disaster, it really is, it’s something else. It’s a shame,” Kenny Cox said.

A short distance up the road, Red Cross volunteers shut down the multi-agency disaster relief center that operated out of a Baptist church since last Tuesday.

The agencies have helped about 70 families but the center shut down Saturday night when disaster relief became more targeted. 

Red Cross Supervisor Stephen Grayson, “We’ve been able to address the issues early on; we knew the structures that were involved. We have been able to really taget those clients. We are fixiing to target the ones that we haven’t seen yet.”

It will take time for that part of Cleveland County to look anything like it once did.

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