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OKC Zoo animals welcome rain

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OKLAHOMA CITY ---- Oklahomans welcomed Saturday's rain with open arms but they weren't alone.

Stacey Sekscienski, curator with the Oklahoma City Zoo, is especially excited because these showers are benefiting the animals.

Sekscienski said, "The coolness stimulates some natural behaviors in the animals like breeding and foraging. When it rains the insects come out, so a lot of those animals get extra tidbits to eat."

Water droplets loosened up the dry dirt for the red river hogs. Mr. Pigglesworth and Divot couldn't wait to roll around in new mud.

She said, "The rain is also really great for the botanical garden and all of the vegetation. Since we've been on water restrictions we haven't been able to water like normal."

Whitetail deer are foraging on moist green vegetation and, with root in tow, a hornbill used the wet weather to start nesting.

"Every little bit helps but I think we need more. The cloud cover helps the plants to recover a bit," says Sekscienski.