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Homeowner battles contractor neighbor

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NORMAN, Okla. -- Becky Melsek just wants back her home.

She said she and her kids haven't been able to live in her home for months.

She said she hired building contractor Troy Labani to update her Norman home. 

She said her contract states he'd get the work done in 60 days.

It has now been 120 days and she's paid around $10,000 so far for this.

"It makes me sick but I've tried to be understanding because I understand things happen in life, but this is downright abuse," she said.

Melsek said she also has these pictures of what she said are homeless people sleeping in her house and a picture of what she said is urine in a bottle.

Ironically, Labani lives next door to Melsek.  

He said the situation is not as appears, although he admits he is behind in the work.

"The contract in its entirety was to remodel the living room, kitchen and two bathrooms. Those elements of work are in various stages of completion and no, it's not complete," he said.

But said he took on work for free.

"I agreed to do the four bedrooms in the house, add them to the remodel process at no cost," he said.

Labani said that impacted how long the job will take.

He also addressed Melsek's concern about homeless people.

"I do hire some day laborers periodically from the mission. Those people deserve to eat just like anybody else," he said.

As for what's ahead, Labani said the money Melsek gave him has been spent on materials that are on her property.

"There is far more than $9,600 in completed materials."

Melsek said she doesn't know what to do. 

She has contacted the City of Norman who ordered a stop order on the work because of possible building code violations and permit problems, but she doesn't know how to get her house back in order.

 "He's got me over a barrel.  It's just sad."