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State drivers license stations closed Thursday

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- If you're planning to get your driver's license this week, don't go on Thursday.

All statewide exam stations will be closed for the day.

That will allow all the state examiner's to take part in a one-day training session.

The goal is to improve a troubled system.

"There's 80 people in front of us," Dennis Caldwell said. " A two-hour wait minimum."

"It's been an hour and a half," Kevin Caldwell said.

Kevin and Dennis are exhausted from the soul-crushing wait times at the state testing center.

"You know it's a piss poor system," Dennis said. "It's the worst of any state I've been in so far."

"It's been a perfect storm this past summer," Jeff Hankins said, Department of Public Safety.

Hankins is fully aware of the need for more examiners and improving customer service.

That's the point behind closing the statewide offices this week.

"Our motto is courtesy and service. We emphasize with our people to treat the public how they want to be treated," Hankins said.

In addition to improving customer service, the mandatory statewide training session this week will update all examiners on new legislation and policies.

"All this together will hopefully next summer we'll see a drastic change for the good," said Hankins.

Those in line at the testing station in Edmond said any change has to be an improvement.

"I think they're doing the right thing. Hopefully. It remains to be seen," Dennis said.

The state does plan to hire 14 new examiners and increase applications and testing online.

That could ease the problems as well.

The state offices will be back open on Friday.

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