Second person arrested in “Cathouse” murders

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It has been nearly three years since four people, including two pregnant women, were murdered inside an Oklahoma City home.

One of those victims was a former regular on an HBO brothel series.

Thursday a second suspect was charged in the case.

Prosecutors charged Denny Edward Phillips with several counts.

He is already in prison for another crime.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said with the help of a multi-county grand jury, enough evidence was found to charge Phillips.

"We always knew there were more involved in this crime and we were able to secure evidence that lead us to these charges," Prater said. "We believe that Denny Phillips ordered the murder of Casey Barrientos and was involved in the murder and everyone else was killed to eliminate witnesses."

Phillips' charges include conspiracy to commit murder and six counts of first-degree murder.

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