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Great State: Final Ride

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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- He's been climbing on motorcycles for years. "It's really an awesome feeling for me," says Brian Gray. He's one of those guys who loves the open road, the wind in his face, the rumble of a big Harley engine. That's just how he rolls. "Since I was about 10 years old," he chuckles. "Forever."

Gray bought himself a big Harley-Davidson 3-wheeler recently, but not as a concession to his own age. He bought the trike and a funny looking trailer for fellow bikers who've gone way past the problems of old age and road rage. He points out, "I started doing a little research and discovered that no one was doing this in Oklahoma."

The custom made trailer that goes with his trike is actually a hearse. "It's like a horse drawn carriage only it has a lot more horses," says Gray. It fits one casket and is designed for those special motorcycle enthusiasts who's families just can't bear the thought of their loved one taking the final ride in the back seat of a big car. "It's not a station wagon," says Gray. "One of my competitors in St. Louis, he built one of these for his friend, specifically because his friend asked that he not be put in the back of a station wagon."

He calls what is basically a towing business Final Ride. Gray wears black when called upon. he takes his new side job seriously too. "It's an awesome feeling for me to be of service to these families," he says, "And you can tell they like it."

It might look a little strange but to a certain segment of the two-wheeled population this kind of 'final ride' makes perfect sense.

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